a story for a story
your journey and mine
so far away at times
and I watch the memories
flood your eyes
I see the lines on your face
create a map of your past
I feel safe and comforted in the
way you talk about your days
I have an unidentifiable love
for hearing you speak
please exist longer with me this time
don’t back down
don’t hesitate
don’t question your soul
when your voice starts to shake
don’t you see-it’s just me
and a hot cup of tea
priveledged to share your company


The story of

I drew you into my day
delighted myself in the details
the lines around your eyes when you laugh
we walked through the pages
like they were never meant to be blank.
Your character emerged in this chapter-
my hand didn’t hesitate to write
faster than I could think
the seconds became letters,
the minutes became words,
and the pages of this book became
covered in me and you.

find reflections

sweet sky light
up the night
I watch a spider-
reflect the moon
intricate little steps
its legs shimmer in the dark
a moon and spider-
so unaware
the brilliance
they bring each other

so maybe tonight
I’ll think about
how unaware I am
to those I reflect
and reflect me

sweet sky light
up the day
I watch the weeds-
reflect the sun
dancing through the water
a spotlight catches their movement
a sun and some weeds-
so unaware
the beauty
they bring to each other

so maybe today
I’ll think about
how unaware I am
to those who bring out
my true beauty