in the safety of the moon


Then she saw the night sky
it came to her
an unexpected stranger
with piercing eyes
left her bound between
delirium and disillusion
left her comforted by the silence
frozen ground holding frozen trees
frozen knees
she sank into the outline of a sky
a friend, a fable, an explanation
none like this
for her eyes were magnetically fixed
the outline of midnight
the howling of the moon
told her she must not be crazy
not be afraid



her words don’t stop
she talks and I see
the way her lips change
her teeth are nervous
it filters through her bones
and her eyes become brittle to me
a fueled mind over and over
spinning in a circus of confusion
can’t find reality here
in her delusion
a society failing-
a completion she can’t find
no finish line
no end
no way to mend
not here, not now
but yet, I follow