lock me up in a room of white walls
and my mind will create color
spray-painted seconds turning to minutes
spatters help clear my congestion
come back-find a new place
exposure with grace..a sense of freedom on my face
without a dot of white left to see
but a million new things to learn about me

I am a simple girl.  I love being alone in the middle of the forest.  I love laughing uncontrollably.  I could watch octopuses for hours and not get bored…I think they are fascinating.  Music makes my soul dance.  My vintage bicycle is my favorite thing to ride through the wind.  I don’t ever feel the need to speed, I think we all are in more of a hurry than we need to be.  I am a dreamer, drifter, photographer and writer.  I have a degree in Visual Journalism and passion for discovery.


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