audience of trees

she saw it in the fog then
like an unexpected stranger
with eyes that told of foreign lands
and words that spoke a million stories

it left her bound between delirium and illusion
her breath in the silence
frozen ground leading to frozen trees, frozen knees

she sank into the outline where earth met sky
a friend, a fable, an explanation
none like this

stuck under the thick air,
she can see the stillness of life
hear the whisper of everything unseen,
just a girl with an audience of trees



finding the music

The light fades
dying to the rhythm of passing cars

sudden sporadic darkness brings
tiny lapses in time

a musty smell of all the travels
breathes life into the dusty dancing walls

the light finds a way through the window
peering onto a perfectly woven seat cushion

and the sounds of rattling of minds
beg to be heard again

softly the song plays through this abandoned train

beyond here

R1-05258-0001 (2)
embroidered feathers for toes
she soars today
tomorrow is scary and yesterday is too much weight
to keep light enough to fly
they say
if gold were the color of stars
search for gold in souls-
sift through the deepest sand
remember to make it all un-perfect
dreams and consistency
water and waves
if only if she could if she did she didn’t
she should she shouldn’t
stop the dissipating, decentralized examination of life
If she spoke louder, if she didn’t speak at all
again they repeat a hymn..
a slogan, a song on continuous flow
she and they-told to follow the leader
told to be or not, not to pretend but to act
to surrender or to flee
she realizes life in the moments
when her disbelief becomes her guide


somewhere between me and the trees
as high as the sky
surrendering to rays of sunlight
I stopped here to try to find
what I left lost
up in the branches
where my
laying under its canopy
I feel the elegance
give air to my breath
in and out and inandout
and in
trickling down its limbs
slowly start to drip into my soul
I’ll stay here long enough for
creativity like maple syrup
to taste how sweet
my imagination can be

love steps

all she feels under her feet
walking through summer nights
she tries to satisfy the distance in his face
and she’s under another
pierced by his eyes-
two like delirium
two-twice as nice
she finds the steps
and pretends their romance
in his blindness, she pretends
thinking she’s safe-
a shield of familiar
just a different pace
she studies the words
written under the strategy
she dances over the tension
lyrics of the insane
she laughs against the beauty
and falls beside the plain
and she tells him to meet her in the morning
to stay forever-
though she knows he is gone


people-like versions of ourselves
pillars of representation
the challenges, the trials, the pure joy
we move within them through these life-times
delivering us to the purest sense of self
we find them when we need them,
release them when we don’t
beneath the co-existence,
the common desire for love,
hope is the connection that keeps us here


photo (2)
even as the evening drapes over our eyes
everything we carry falls to the floor around our beds
our sanity stops getting lost and just exists
and this society fades to black
the sky is a canvas to heal
the smoke filled air-our attonement
the noise-our safety
our souls reflected by the silver in the moon

we can stay here until the evening breaks
soft sunlight warms the tips of our toes
maybe it still doesn’t make sense
maybe it doesn’t have to
but we can let go of the shadows-
they are too heavy to lift

life quilts

the patterns of unfamiliarity
make their way into my life
like a quilt-
patterns of different colors
different persuasions
through their origination
their individual perception
they exist in my time
a few moments
a few days
squares start appearing
planned for me to sew
our lives are created
through the patterns of our souls


whitegirl raised in a white world
born to white parents, their bibles in hand
she stayed on the track they had planned
she was their baby, their puppet on strings,
both very careful not to expose her wings
they handed her a list of identified sins
covered her eyes to sights that made them cringe

whitegirl unsatisfied in her white world,
she decided not to dress up one day..
didn’t take the lead role in their play
she saw a glimpse of herself in the mirror
and without hesitation she stood and peered
secretly at first she hid it so well
the flare of an un-identified self

whitegirl then freed herself from their world
she ran out the door as fast as she could
following a mind that was misunderstood
finally free to expose the beauty in her
she fell in love with a whole new culture
skin colors on faces
all different races
artistic languages
intriguing strangers

whitegirl’s life would never be the same
she started identifying herself with a whole new name
she couldn’t stop wanting to see, hear, taste, feel—
surprised by the intricate appeal
in this girl revealed an uninhibited peace
an individual set of values and beliefs

whitegirl went back to her starch white world
she embraced herself in front of the crowd
looked at the horizon, stayed proud—
she explained to them how she broke down their walls
her need for her own ability to fall
colorless skin now spray-painted girl
she had fallen in love with a spray-painted world