perfect toes

run until you can’t pretend anymore
until your imagination explodes
on these blades of grass
the in between your perfect toes

sit on my lap and let me give you
a thousand kisses
I’ll make a thousand wishes-
one on your forehead- I wish shelter from thoughts
one on your elbow-I wish the pain of tomorrows away
one on your cheek-I wish you assurance in your beauty
one on your little hand- I wish innocence you always can find

let me run with you again and again
let me fill my day with the simpleness
the pure joy-
of following your little footsteps



ping ping
wobble wobble
looks up
and tumbles

ping ping
chirp chirp
stumbling on
it’s little feet

ping ping
up up
find the strength
to try again

ping ping
a sight to see
crooked head,
clumsy feet

ping ping
splish splash
simply happy
making us laugh

ping ping
lost and found
giving us joy
to have around

My parents found this little duck that must have been attacked by an animal.  It’s head was hurt and it could barely move.  It’s mother was gone and it was all alone.  My parents are taking care of it until it is strong enough to be let go in a pond.  They named the duckling Ping because of the children’s story.