beyond the curtains

unrecognizable: the distance beyond.
A place where refuge is found
in stories behind faces behind chances behind fences and closed books
all the places we can’t-but are
didn’t say-but stand convinced
so secure in reason like mud
weighing down the soles of our shoes

we lie about pretending
and feel lost in a web called accomplishment
clarity to chaos come-
when rocky turns in the path cause us to exist
convicted by the almighty agenda

I think this world is our hindrance
from opening the curtains


beyond here

R1-05258-0001 (2)
embroidered feathers for toes
she soars today
tomorrow is scary and yesterday is too much weight
to keep light enough to fly
they say
if gold were the color of stars
search for gold in souls-
sift through the deepest sand
remember to make it all un-perfect
dreams and consistency
water and waves
if only if she could if she did she didn’t
she should she shouldn’t
stop the dissipating, decentralized examination of life
If she spoke louder, if she didn’t speak at all
again they repeat a hymn..
a slogan, a song on continuous flow
she and they-told to follow the leader
told to be or not, not to pretend but to act
to surrender or to flee
she realizes life in the moments
when her disbelief becomes her guide


photo (2)
even as the evening drapes over our eyes
everything we carry falls to the floor around our beds
our sanity stops getting lost and just exists
and this society fades to black
the sky is a canvas to heal
the smoke filled air-our attonement
the noise-our safety
our souls reflected by the silver in the moon

we can stay here until the evening breaks
soft sunlight warms the tips of our toes
maybe it still doesn’t make sense
maybe it doesn’t have to
but we can let go of the shadows-
they are too heavy to lift


A closet door stands open in front of my eyes.
I look long enough to contemplate.
I hesitate to shut it, hesitate to leave it open.
It annoys me with purpose.
Secretly, I know once again-
It will have to swing open.
It will need to.
And yet, after deliberation, I push it shut.
Hard as I can.
Hard as I maybe am.
Time passes in the busyness I create.
Over and over and over-
back in front of this door,
I forgot I put it away.

catching the sun

flickering at first
starting to peer into you
watching from the most vulnerable place
a place far away and close enough
to find a source of energy
the rush of a new picture in your mind
the hollowness of knowing it won’t be the same
emotions fuel your fingertips
tap tap tap on the glass of this windowpane
a window to the shadows
a spectrum of only. if. maybe. again
the time seems to fly through your bones
existence is stuck in the sinking commotion
how do I tell you to find me another day?
how do I show you how I exist?
how do I sing a song so sweet
so sweet that the salt fades into sugar
I imagine you and me in shaded grass
a place we have never met
where it makes sense
my toes are heavy on the crispness of
the lightness of light, of unbound bareness
it’s here-you find a way
to breathe into my weary soul
I find a way to let you
nothing else but nothing more, nothing less..
this is where we start to run
you and I and a place that might have been-
both longing to catch the sun


her words don’t stop
she talks and I see
the way her lips change
her teeth are nervous
it filters through her bones
and her eyes become brittle to me
a fueled mind over and over
spinning in a circus of confusion
can’t find reality here
in her delusion
a society failing-
a completion she can’t find
no finish line
no end
no way to mend
not here, not now
but yet, I follow

forest dance

and she danced
circling through
thoughts in her head
quick as movement
they faded into her twirl

to a secret place
she escaped
moving with the magic
dancing through
the delightment
of moss and trees

the moments of confusion
seem less heavy-
she floated
through the air
with ease-
drifting into her own reality