whitegirl raised in a white world
born to white parents, their bibles in hand
she stayed on the track they had planned
she was their baby, their puppet on strings,
both very careful not to expose her wings
they handed her a list of identified sins
covered her eyes to sights that made them cringe

whitegirl unsatisfied in her white world,
she decided not to dress up one day..
didn’t take the lead role in their play
she saw a glimpse of herself in the mirror
and without hesitation she stood and peered
secretly at first she hid it so well
the flare of an un-identified self

whitegirl then freed herself from their world
she ran out the door as fast as she could
following a mind that was misunderstood
finally free to expose the beauty in her
she fell in love with a whole new culture
skin colors on faces
all different races
artistic languages
intriguing strangers

whitegirl’s life would never be the same
she started identifying herself with a whole new name
she couldn’t stop wanting to see, hear, taste, feel—
surprised by the intricate appeal
in this girl revealed an uninhibited peace
an individual set of values and beliefs

whitegirl went back to her starch white world
she embraced herself in front of the crowd
looked at the horizon, stayed proud—
she explained to them how she broke down their walls
her need for her own ability to fall
colorless skin now spray-painted girl
she had fallen in love with a spray-painted world