audience of trees

she saw it in the fog then
like an unexpected stranger
with eyes that told of foreign lands
and words that spoke a million stories

it left her bound between delirium and illusion
her breath in the silence
frozen ground leading to frozen trees, frozen knees

she sank into the outline where earth met sky
a friend, a fable, an explanation
none like this

stuck under the thick air,
she can see the stillness of life
hear the whisper of everything unseen,
just a girl with an audience of trees




somewhere between me and the trees
as high as the sky
surrendering to rays of sunlight
I stopped here to try to find
what I left lost
up in the branches
where my
laying under its canopy
I feel the elegance
give air to my breath
in and out and inandout
and in
trickling down its limbs
slowly start to drip into my soul
I’ll stay here long enough for
creativity like maple syrup
to taste how sweet
my imagination can be

oh white symphony

I rest upon a broken bridge
it’s silent in the middle
concentrate on the snow
to stop this corrosive mind
this co-dependent land
this corruptive society
the stiffness in the cold
holds onto my tired legs
it takes me to another place-
where the impurities are erased
every sparkling white flake
of grace-
brushes against my face
my mind keeps wondering-
where do I go next
options like security
like understanding
like safety like
intertwined in a blizzard
me against me
against time
who I am
the girl I should be
I want to know
what path do I take?
I wish for the snow to reveal a destiny
and then I hear
louder than before
the brilliance of the branches
the breath of this life
under water and ice
the sounds of winter are the plan
mapped for me to hear
a white symphony
for a girl just sitting on a bridge

forest dance

and she danced
circling through
thoughts in her head
quick as movement
they faded into her twirl

to a secret place
she escaped
moving with the magic
dancing through
the delightment
of moss and trees

the moments of confusion
seem less heavy-
she floated
through the air
with ease-
drifting into her own reality

the therapy of trees

steady winds find a way to my fingertips
lead me through this curtain of trees
surely satisfying my longing
for sunlight to
faster now, I want to catch the breeze
use it for my speed
my feet pound the earth with my breath
like they were meant to be nowhere else
my heart beats with the fluttering of the leaves
my face is flushed with enchanting sanity-
the land has everything that I need
the roots of the earth surge through my body
sending strength into my veins
this is the only place that heals me-
the deepness of the art of the forest