love steps

all she feels under her feet
walking through summer nights
she tries to satisfy the distance in his face
and she’s under another
pierced by his eyes-
two like delirium
two-twice as nice
she finds the steps
and pretends their romance
in his blindness, she pretends
thinking she’s safe-
a shield of familiar
just a different pace
she studies the words
written under the strategy
she dances over the tension
lyrics of the insane
she laughs against the beauty
and falls beside the plain
and she tells him to meet her in the morning
to stay forever-
though she knows he is gone


perfect toes

run until you can’t pretend anymore
until your imagination explodes
on these blades of grass
the in between your perfect toes

sit on my lap and let me give you
a thousand kisses
I’ll make a thousand wishes-
one on your forehead- I wish shelter from thoughts
one on your elbow-I wish the pain of tomorrows away
one on your cheek-I wish you assurance in your beauty
one on your little hand- I wish innocence you always can find

let me run with you again and again
let me fill my day with the simpleness
the pure joy-
of following your little footsteps


people-like versions of ourselves
pillars of representation
the challenges, the trials, the pure joy
we move within them through these life-times
delivering us to the purest sense of self
we find them when we need them,
release them when we don’t
beneath the co-existence,
the common desire for love,
hope is the connection that keeps us here

soul discovery

please whisper
like a brittle leaf blowing over the snow
I hear you in the sound of delicate details
like falling
like faith
all the unexplained
softly say my name
I can’t recognize your face
I can’t tell you where you’ve been,
where I’ve been,
where we’ve been
I long to read you
I want to know where it began
and so I stop to listen
in the broken beats
the would have, should have, might have been
beautiful soul without impression
without words-speak your world to me
I will breathe you in
like I can not find air
fill my mind with your story
it’s in endless array of anticipation
find me here
just a girl who likes to listen
to the uninhibited reality
of everything we have


a story for a story
your journey and mine
so far away at times
and I watch the memories
flood your eyes
I see the lines on your face
create a map of your past
I feel safe and comforted in the
way you talk about your days
I have an unidentifiable love
for hearing you speak
please exist longer with me this time
don’t back down
don’t hesitate
don’t question your soul
when your voice starts to shake
don’t you see-it’s just me
and a hot cup of tea
priveledged to share your company

canopy of arms

blue dress
no breeze
looking for you
under a canopy
of arms
in the air
we sway
this music
written for us
the words
to our souls
we unite
dirty knees
sweaty feet
unable to stop
my hope
my mind
a break in tone
I imagine
the details
you find
me hear
I look up
to meet
the eyes
where I used to live
the face
I used to trace
the hands
I used to crave

the music starts
people begin
to sway
I forget
you again
faster this time
your time
is up
you won’t
find me
I won’t
turn around
face up
off the ground
it’s just me
moving on
with a crowd
and a canopy
of arms

love daze

brilliance shines
my eyes
the hot air
the fog
these summer days
laughing away
I want
the world
to stop.
seconds of silence
I get lost
in time
I watch
your mouth move-
the clocks
stop ticking
the phones –
stop ringing
the digital circus-
like dancing clowns-
stops controlling
our minds
and it fades
into a beautiful
backdrop of color