finding the music

The light fades
dying to the rhythm of passing cars

sudden sporadic darkness brings
tiny lapses in time

a musty smell of all the travels
breathes life into the dusty dancing walls

the light finds a way through the window
peering onto a perfectly woven seat cushion

and the sounds of rattling of minds
beg to be heard again

softly the song plays through this abandoned train


canopy of arms

blue dress
no breeze
looking for you
under a canopy
of arms
in the air
we sway
this music
written for us
the words
to our souls
we unite
dirty knees
sweaty feet
unable to stop
my hope
my mind
a break in tone
I imagine
the details
you find
me hear
I look up
to meet
the eyes
where I used to live
the face
I used to trace
the hands
I used to crave

the music starts
people begin
to sway
I forget
you again
faster this time
your time
is up
you won’t
find me
I won’t
turn around
face up
off the ground
it’s just me
moving on
with a crowd
and a canopy
of arms

tuning in

when the World is out of rhythm
she can not hear the beat
hearts lost on lonely streets
chasing after reason
she can’t catch up
to the aching soles of their feet

when the sounds don’t sound as sweet
the tone is dripping with melancholy
she hears everything she doesn’t believe

when their eyes look in the distance
out of focus, out of words
out of time to create a melody
not where they need to be

when the pages are played out of sync
out of blood and tears and debt
misconceptions of peace

when her dreams start to fade
feels her soul start flickering
she hears a song
and the birds distract the patterns of people
and the trees start to sway
the drummer walks his own way
a simple song changes her day