this day will dissipate into your skin
soaked up in the sweet smell of cherry blossoms
the roads leading you home
wading through the moments, the breath of the trees
captured in the preciousness of the sky
painting colors you’ll never again see
reflected by your rawest version
join in the un-prediction
journey into the unplanned
find a smile on your lips for no reason
surrender into the stillness



there will be freedom
freedom is as freedom is
a daybreak in the march
a song that directs the confusion
I’ll call it forever
as ever as ever is
let this dream float from our lips
so wide, so vast
searching for what to believe
afraid of the reminiscence of speech
talking without a sound
thinking without a plan
find me here find me
as pure as eyes were created to be
make it all that we see
close this day all alone
let our feet be greeted
by a place called hope


A closet door stands open in front of my eyes.
I look long enough to contemplate.
I hesitate to shut it, hesitate to leave it open.
It annoys me with purpose.
Secretly, I know once again-
It will have to swing open.
It will need to.
And yet, after deliberation, I push it shut.
Hard as I can.
Hard as I maybe am.
Time passes in the busyness I create.
Over and over and over-
back in front of this door,
I forgot I put it away.

catching the sun

flickering at first
starting to peer into you
watching from the most vulnerable place
a place far away and close enough
to find a source of energy
the rush of a new picture in your mind
the hollowness of knowing it won’t be the same
emotions fuel your fingertips
tap tap tap on the glass of this windowpane
a window to the shadows
a spectrum of only. if. maybe. again
the time seems to fly through your bones
existence is stuck in the sinking commotion
how do I tell you to find me another day?
how do I show you how I exist?
how do I sing a song so sweet
so sweet that the salt fades into sugar
I imagine you and me in shaded grass
a place we have never met
where it makes sense
my toes are heavy on the crispness of
the lightness of light, of unbound bareness
it’s here-you find a way
to breathe into my weary soul
I find a way to let you
nothing else but nothing more, nothing less..
this is where we start to run
you and I and a place that might have been-
both longing to catch the sun

soul discovery

please whisper
like a brittle leaf blowing over the snow
I hear you in the sound of delicate details
like falling
like faith
all the unexplained
softly say my name
I can’t recognize your face
I can’t tell you where you’ve been,
where I’ve been,
where we’ve been
I long to read you
I want to know where it began
and so I stop to listen
in the broken beats
the would have, should have, might have been
beautiful soul without impression
without words-speak your world to me
I will breathe you in
like I can not find air
fill my mind with your story
it’s in endless array of anticipation
find me here
just a girl who likes to listen
to the uninhibited reality
of everything we have

in the safety of the moon


Then she saw the night sky
it came to her
an unexpected stranger
with piercing eyes
left her bound between
delirium and disillusion
left her comforted by the silence
frozen ground holding frozen trees
frozen knees
she sank into the outline of a sky
a friend, a fable, an explanation
none like this
for her eyes were magnetically fixed
the outline of midnight
the howling of the moon
told her she must not be crazy
not be afraid


her words don’t stop
she talks and I see
the way her lips change
her teeth are nervous
it filters through her bones
and her eyes become brittle to me
a fueled mind over and over
spinning in a circus of confusion
can’t find reality here
in her delusion
a society failing-
a completion she can’t find
no finish line
no end
no way to mend
not here, not now
but yet, I follow

stop the clock

We are pleased that the clock seems to move slower these days..
Oh what a voyage of choices!
determination takes us here-
where the wind is still
our minds are still
the noises are still
A collaboration of effort to continue this pattern, this pace..
The years make the mobs race!
relentless effort for a finish line-
what is the prize?
it loses our lust
loses our trust
loses our love
You and I exist just to take it all in…
For we realize it!
an arrow pierces our souls
the pro-longing
pauses in chaos
are finally what fuel our hearts
So stop!
the ticking of the clock
the marching of the majestically un-satisfied…
in a sea of confusion
Stop planning for us!
stop making our minds intertwined with the

oh white symphony

I rest upon a broken bridge
it’s silent in the middle
concentrate on the snow
to stop this corrosive mind
this co-dependent land
this corruptive society
the stiffness in the cold
holds onto my tired legs
it takes me to another place-
where the impurities are erased
every sparkling white flake
of grace-
brushes against my face
my mind keeps wondering-
where do I go next
options like security
like understanding
like safety like
intertwined in a blizzard
me against me
against time
who I am
the girl I should be
I want to know
what path do I take?
I wish for the snow to reveal a destiny
and then I hear
louder than before
the brilliance of the branches
the breath of this life
under water and ice
the sounds of winter are the plan
mapped for me to hear
a white symphony
for a girl just sitting on a bridge