perfect toes

run until you can’t pretend anymore
until your imagination explodes
on these blades of grass
the in between your perfect toes

sit on my lap and let me give you
a thousand kisses
I’ll make a thousand wishes-
one on your forehead- I wish shelter from thoughts
one on your elbow-I wish the pain of tomorrows away
one on your cheek-I wish you assurance in your beauty
one on your little hand- I wish innocence you always can find

let me run with you again and again
let me fill my day with the simpleness
the pure joy-
of following your little footsteps


the therapy of trees

steady winds find a way to my fingertips
lead me through this curtain of trees
surely satisfying my longing
for sunlight to
faster now, I want to catch the breeze
use it for my speed
my feet pound the earth with my breath
like they were meant to be nowhere else
my heart beats with the fluttering of the leaves
my face is flushed with enchanting sanity-
the land has everything that I need
the roots of the earth surge through my body
sending strength into my veins
this is the only place that heals me-
the deepness of the art of the forest