audience of trees

she saw it in the fog then
like an unexpected stranger
with eyes that told of foreign lands
and words that spoke a million stories

it left her bound between delirium and illusion
her breath in the silence
frozen ground leading to frozen trees, frozen knees

she sank into the outline where earth met sky
a friend, a fable, an explanation
none like this

stuck under the thick air,
she can see the stillness of life
hear the whisper of everything unseen,
just a girl with an audience of trees



waiting for mail

time has taken the place of memories
they seem to become distorted into a more familiar pattern
the black and white
more able to be stored away deep within
and yet, the seeking of closure is lost in the fog
seeking of explanations
maybe desire for more, desire for what never was
maybe apologies
a waiting for justification.
we all are victims in this place
between illusion, delusion and coincidence
only to hear the words that never are spoken
longing, peering into the distance
dwelling on the need for conclusion
from far away, we share
insecurity and wonder
our memories lie incomplete
waiting for the mail

finding the music

The light fades
dying to the rhythm of passing cars

sudden sporadic darkness brings
tiny lapses in time

a musty smell of all the travels
breathes life into the dusty dancing walls

the light finds a way through the window
peering onto a perfectly woven seat cushion

and the sounds of rattling of minds
beg to be heard again

softly the song plays through this abandoned train


somewhere between me and the trees
as high as the sky
surrendering to rays of sunlight
I stopped here to try to find
what I left lost
up in the branches
where my
laying under its canopy
I feel the elegance
give air to my breath
in and out and inandout
and in
trickling down its limbs
slowly start to drip into my soul
I’ll stay here long enough for
creativity like maple syrup
to taste how sweet
my imagination can be


this day will dissipate into your skin
soaked up in the sweet smell of cherry blossoms
the roads leading you home
wading through the moments, the breath of the trees
captured in the preciousness of the sky
painting colors you’ll never again see
reflected by your rawest version
join in the un-prediction
journey into the unplanned
find a smile on your lips for no reason
surrender into the stillness

soul discovery

please whisper
like a brittle leaf blowing over the snow
I hear you in the sound of delicate details
like falling
like faith
all the unexplained
softly say my name
I can’t recognize your face
I can’t tell you where you’ve been,
where I’ve been,
where we’ve been
I long to read you
I want to know where it began
and so I stop to listen
in the broken beats
the would have, should have, might have been
beautiful soul without impression
without words-speak your world to me
I will breathe you in
like I can not find air
fill my mind with your story
it’s in endless array of anticipation
find me here
just a girl who likes to listen
to the uninhibited reality
of everything we have

in the safety of the moon


Then she saw the night sky
it came to her
an unexpected stranger
with piercing eyes
left her bound between
delirium and disillusion
left her comforted by the silence
frozen ground holding frozen trees
frozen knees
she sank into the outline of a sky
a friend, a fable, an explanation
none like this
for her eyes were magnetically fixed
the outline of midnight
the howling of the moon
told her she must not be crazy
not be afraid


blue cotton dress
blowing off my sticky knees
I pedal as fast as I can
to clear my mind of clutter-
no certain direction
no need to be anywhere
just gliding to the sounds of silence
my hair tangling in gusts of wind
my tires creating rhythm
the hot pavement-my map
house lights and stars
light my way-light my eyes
no clocks to block my view
the moon tells me to keep going
safely shining through this dark night
calming the patterns of thoughts
that tempt me to lose my focus
I’m smiling at letting it go
this is my night song-
my way to come down-
back to my house I fly
through the thick air
ready to fall into sleep
I’m breathing deep again
just a girl free from the
meaningless monotony
let me tell you about
the therapy
an old-beat-up
rusty red
can bring